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You Can Earn More With The GIGM Ambassador App

The desire for freedom is one shared by all. It is the permanent hope of humanity and at GIG Mobility, we have made it our goal to give people the ability to experience life’s journey in two powerful ways by providing a platform that allows people to, “move freely and do freely”.

Our desire to see people move freely is reflected in our dedication to provide the best road travel experience for commuters by leveraging technology to facilitate ease and comfort en route.

But that’s not where the bus stops [see what we did there? 😌], we equally desire to see people “do freely”, to do more and be more. We do this by investing in people and creating opportunities for them to be free financially.

This is why we innovate and invest in projects that give people the ability to do freely. One of such projects is the Enterprise Partnership scheme, which allows private individuals to become transportation entrepreneurs by leveraging GIGM’s brand equity.

The latest in the line on an income generating stream is our just released project, the GIGM Ambassador Solution, which gives you the liberty to make additional income anytime , anywhere, with your mobile phone.

Whether you’re trading in one of the numerous busy markets or working a 9 to 5, we agree that yesterday’s earnings no longer meet up with today’s rising cost of living. The gripping economic realities have left many people with fewer opportunities to create wealth.

You might have considered different ways to supplement your basic income, some illegal, some difficult, some simply “mission impossible”.

So how do you make more money legitimately and easily ?

The GIGM Ambassador App…yeah that is the simple answer.

The Ambassador App by GIG Mobility (GIGM) is an innovative tool that allows users book GIGM tickets for customers and receive a commission right from a mobile phone, while earning a commission per ticket sold.

The app is a first-of-its-kind solution by GIGM. It was designed to promote financial empowerment amongst Nigerians while providing more channels through which individuals can enjoy the GIGM experience.

It’s Completely Free

Today it’s easier than ever to make money from your comfort zone with GIGM’s Ambassador App. Absolutely zero capital is required to get on boarded as a GIGM app ambassador.

So what are you waiting for? You too can level up by becoming an ambassador with GIGM today. Sign up today and start earning!

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