3 Fun Ways To Celebrate This Holiday

What’s a Christmas holiday without “Detty December” called – COVIDMAS! This is likely the kind we will be having this year due to the pandemic outbreak that warranted the cancellation of major music concerts, hosted nationwide around this time.

Many things have changed since the pandemic, including our social habits. Large gatherings are still prohibited, and even when the accepted numbers gather, a social distancing protocol is usually observed.

Even though there are restrictions, the spirit of a happy people remains. We are people who love life and love to have a good time, whether in the familiar company or by ourselves.

So, here are three safe ways we recommend, to entertain yourself, friends, and family as you celebrate this COVIDMAS.

Host Themed House Parties

You know what they say “ain’t no party like a Lagos party!” Lagos, which is usually the hub of December shows won’t be having any this year. Still, why not borrow a leaf and create your concert at home!

You could decide to theme it after your favourite artist’s last show. Curate a playlist of their songs and others in similar genres and next thing you know, a little party is on its way.

Set the mood by decorating your space to look like a concert hall. Add some pizzazz by making cute little handmade invitation cards. Guests could partake in a lucky dip to “perform” a song. Remember to gather guests only in the accepted numbers.

There are party stores in open-air markets that have a lot of Knick knacks and other items you need to create this vibe. Go on, try it!

Virtual Hangouts

By virtual hangouts, we are definitely not picturing that “zoom seminar-style” meeting. We are referring to online hubs. It’s a massive world on the internet and there is now a community for everyone.

While keeping to safe internet protocols, you can meet new people, hear about fun activities going on during this period and partake in them. Remember not to share confidential information or anything remotely considered a risk to your safety and security.

Gaming is also one of the big hubs to immerse yourself in. You get to play in tournaments and meet new people. You could again join movie hubs, share movie reviews and suggest titles.

Twitter is an excellent place to begin this search.

Explore, Explore Explore!

Exploring never really ends, and depending on your city or state, there is always somewhere to see. You may decide to do this alone or with friends. Take time to feast your eyes on historical sites while learning a bit of the culture around you. Savour mouthwatering dishes and feel your head burst into bright colours at the explosion of flavour in your mouth!

There’s more! Your adventure could even be planned as a road trip. Round up all your favourite people, pick a location, hire a vehicle or have one of them donate their car. Throw in a camera, add really good music banging from the stereos, some refreshment for the road, loads of jokes and laughter; and off you go, to see the world!

On the other hand, when was the last time you went home to your village? Now could be a good time! Remember to use a trusted transport service provider while at it.

The presence of a pandemic does not mark the end of celebrating the joys of life because shared experiences and precious memories connect us. This holiday season provides an opportunity to create those, in all the best ways possible!

Have some more ideas, share them with us!

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