5 Essentials Travel Tips For Your Next Road Trip

Preparing to travel by road, whether privately or through commercial transport can get overwhelming, more so, if it is on short notice. To help ease the stress, we have come up with five essential travel tips you need to make each journey easier, enjoyable, and more comfortable.

Use a Travel Checklist

A checklist always comes in handy especially when you need to travel at short notice. It is a great idea to make one in your spare time, before you even plan to travel. That way, there is no rush and you give yourself enough time to put most items into consideration.

For ease of reference, your list could be divided into sections highlighting personal hygiene, outfit choices, electronic devices & accessories, safety and security, refreshment, entertainment and medication.

For security & safety, include an official means of identification like your driver’s license, national ID card, or Voter’s card at the minimum. If you are traveling privately, ensure that documentation for your vehicle is in good order; where commercial, use a trusted transport service provider for guaranteed safety, accountability & enforcement of due process should mishaps occur on the road.

Prepare for emergencies by making provision for extra cash and clearly stating your emergency contact.

Pack Smartly

Packing light is a more convenient way to travel, if you think you will not use an item, then you probably do not need it in your luggage. Try to organize items in a compact manner to help keep track of all your items.

To create more space, roll clothes into neat rows of bunches, instead of folding them. Put the heavier items at the base and keep your liquids together in a Ziploc before adding them to your luggage. This will guard against accidental spillage ruining other things in your luggage. Other important medications should be kept separately, in an easy-to-reach area.

You could also label your luggage for easy identification and to find it should it get missing.  

Take your Personal Entertainment

This is the fun part! You could pack your favorite novel, compile a selection of movies, put together a travel music playlist, or just stare out the window like a star in your own movie.

For your next trip, check out GIGM’s Jet Mover bus. Each seat has its own personal entertainment system with an interesting selection of movies and ample legroom. All you need is your own headset for a personalized experience.

Where convenient, don’t forget to take pictures of amazing landscapes and other wonderful sights that impress you.

Eat Responsibly

If you travel often, then you likely know this drill. There are a few things more discomforting than developing a runny stomach the day you need to travel. As a rule of thumb, do not eat anything new the night before you travel or from dodgy places while on your trip. It is safer to carry a ton of snacks or food that you are familiar with than to eat something awful or unhygienic. To be safe, pack diarrhea medication.

Dress in comfortable clothing

Functional and smart outfits always make a good choice. In hot weather, clothing made from cotton fabric is ideal due to its breathable and absorbent nature.

Religious restrictions in certain areas might insist on specific dress codes. Be sure to research dressing requirements when in doubt.

We hope that you found these tips useful. Have more to add to this list, please share it with us in the comments section.

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