How To Plan The Perfect Group Trip

Travelling to a dream destination is an exciting experience, now, imagine sharing that experience with some of your favourite people. Bliss!  Group trips, when done correctly, can be the most thrilling experience ever, filled with laughter and unforgettable memories.

So how do you plan for your group trip? Read on for some of the things you need to note and do for an enjoyable experience:

Plan early

Ideas are usually exciting when they are fresh. The longer you stall, the more you’ll find excuses not to go. So plan early. Let all interested parties decide on dates, locations and budget. It’s best to plan the trip three or four months in advance.

Assign roles

For a group  trip to be successful, it has to be well coordinated. You’re going on a trip far from home, not the mall down the road. This is why the group should assign a leader who would be responsible for planning and coordinating the trip from point A to Z. The group leader should be someone who is good at planning, communicating and providing updates to the group while handling most of the detailed work.

Also, divide the other responsibilities as they arise so that everyone participates. For example, choose someone to handle booking a hotel and another person to take care of the car rental. Remember team work makes the dream work.

Pick a Location

Choosing where to go is more than just researching  nice places, it includes understanding the group dynamics. First, let everyone in the group suggest where they would like to go, then vote. Also, consider the socio-cultural landscape of the location the group settles on.

Decide on  Accommodation & Food

Where would the group stay? Naturally, most people would go for a hotel, however, renting a spacious Airbnb apartment with plenty of beds and bathrooms may be more cost-effective for group trips.

If you’re staying in a hotel, you’ll probably eat out for most meals, so don’t forget to book restaurant reservations in advance.

And if you decide to rent an apartment, you can cook up big, fun group meals.

Create a flexible itinerary

An easy way to create and share an itinerary is through Google Docs shared with the group. Suggest one or two optional activities per day which do not require advance bookings, such as a local hike or museum, and add a couple of pre-arranged splurges, such as spa treatments or fancy meals. Don’t forget to create room for spontaneity.

Budget pool

So after picking a place to go, how do you fund the trip? It is not likely that everyone in the group would have the same financial capability.

Set up a budget pool by collecting a set amount from everyone before your trip. You can do a weekly or monthly payment plan before your trip. Once you decide how much would fund the trip, members can start contributing the money weekly or monthly. The leader would use the money to pay for accommodations, meals, transportation, etc. If there’s money left at the end, split it up or splurge on your last night.

Book ahead

If you are all travelling from the same starting point, shop for deals on a bus, train or plane ticket. Travel arrangements are often cheaper to make in advance. If you need to get GIGM bus tickets, for instance, book the tickets right away to ensure you lock in your preferred seats.

Have a fantastic trip!

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