3 Reasons Why Road Trips Are Better Than Flying

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Why would anyone compare road trips to flying though, you might ask. But the fact of the matter is; when it comes to travelling, it is more about the journey than the destination. An airplane might get you there faster but it won’t give you a tale-worthy experience like road trips.

So pack your bags and let’s hit the road as we give you three reasons why road trips are better than flying:

Experience The Country

One of the best things about travelling by road is that you get experience and see for yourself different parts of the country that you would ordinarily just fly over in a plane. Each kilometre you cover opens up to a new sight; a village here, a river there, hills and towns and cities. And let’s not forget about food!

Airports and airplanes won’t provide you with a comparable experience and you’ll likely worry too much about missing your flight or having it delayed.

Save Money

Flying is more expensive than travelling by road, regardless of the length of your journey or destination. With the rising cost of air tickets, you will be spending far more than what travelling by road will cost you.

By taking a road trip, you get to save money  to spend on what actually  matters.

Road Travels Are More Flexible

There’s a lot of pressure that comes with flying. You must ensure that you arrive at the airport on time, that you pack the correct items in your carry-on (leaving other items in your checked bag), and that you deal with delayed flights and missed connections.

However, that is not the case with road trips. There’s a fair amount of flexibility that comes with travelling by road; you can take short breaks along the way to relieve yourself or grab a meal.

Bonus point:

Road Trips Can Be As Comfortable As Flying

A significant turn-off for most people when it comes to travelling by road is the fear of  being cramped up in a small space and uncomfortable seats. But that is not the case with GIGM. From the moment you  book  a trip with GIGM, till you arrive at your destination, you will experience the luxury and comfort that comes with a first-class road travel experience.

Our buses are fitted with comfortable and reclinable seats as well as personalised entertainment screens. All you have to do is sit, recline and soak in the beautiful scenery as you enjoy your journey.

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