Why Road Travel is the Best Way to Explore the Country

A lot of individuals have the desire to travel around the country and discover different destinations that they have only read about in magazines or seen on social media platforms like Instagram. The prospect of exploring a fresh location can be an exhilarating adventure, providing you with the opportunity to encounter diverse cultures, witness unfamiliar sights, and interact with new people.

There are many ways to explore a new place, from driving to flying to taking a train. However, this article will explore why road travel is the best way to explore the country.

It’s Affordable

One of the primary advantages of road travel is its affordability. Bus fares are often significantly cheaper than flying, for instance. According to a study conducted by the International Transport Forum (ITF) in 2020, bus fares are generally more affordable compared to airfares for short to medium-distance trips. This affordability allows you to stretch your travel budget further and explore more of the country. 

Flexibility to Explore

Road travel provides the freedom to design your own itinerary, enabling you to visit off-the-beaten-path destinations and uncover hidden treasures. You have the flexibility to make impromptu stops and detours along the way, allowing for spontaneous adventures and encounters with local culture, cuisine, and traditions.


Comfort plays a significant role in deciding the mode of transportation while travelling, especially during long-distance trips. GIGM buses, for instance, provide travellers with a comfortable experience through features like cosy seats, air conditioning, and personalized entertainment screens, ensuring a comfortable journey throughout.

Scenic Route

One of the greatest joys of road travel is the opportunity to witness breathtaking landscapes that may not be accessible by other means of transportation. As you traverse through diverse landscapes, you can witness the changing scenery firsthand, from lush forests to rolling hills, cascading waterfalls to expansive deserts and majestic mountain passes, each journey becomes a scenic adventure, offering awe-inspiring views and countless photo opportunities.

Local Experience

Traveling by road offers a chance to connect with the locals on a deeper level. As you navigate through towns and villages, you can interact with the residents, sample regional delicacies, and learn about their way of life. From local markets to charming roadside cafes, every pit stop presents an opportunity to embrace the authentic cultural fabric of the country.

In conclusion, road travel is an excellent way to explore the country or any new place. It’s affordable, comfortable, and convenient, allowing you to experience local life and see more of the area.

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