GIGM Clarifies Misinformation Regarding Presidential Travel Relief Initiative Implementation

Following recent misleading publications making the rounds regarding our implementation of the Presidential Travel Relief Initiative Palliative (PTRIP) programme of the Federal Government, it has become imperative for us to make the publication to correct some misconceptions.

The palliative programme mandates participating companies to give travellers a discount of 50% on travel fares. This is to be done through the period of December 21st to Jan 4th, across certain routes and number of daily trips specified by the FGN.

Contrary to the inaccurate reports, GIGM promptly swung into action on the 21st of December to implement the PTRIP just hours after the announcement by the Federal government. We faced unique challenges due to the urgency of the PTRIP and the high demand during the festive season.

We would like to clarify that in spite of the obstacles, our commitment to the PTRIP was immediate. We initiated the implementation of the PTRIP in phases to ensure a smooth and efficient process, given the rush of the season. Our commitment to transparency and accountability led us to communicate openly with our customers throughout the process. The first phase of the implementation was initiated at our Ajah and Jibowu terminals in Lagos. In the second phases, we rolled out the PTRIP to other select terminals across the country.

While addressing a specific aspect of the recent allegations, it is important to clarify that, according to the guidelines of the Presidential Travel Relief Initiative Palliative Refund (PTRIP), specific routes were assigned to benefit from the initiative. The Awka to Utako route, on which the news blog JNEWS wrongly premised its accusation, was not one of the routes assigned to benefit from the initiative. Our adherence to the prescribed guidelines further underscores our commitment to implementing the PTRIP diligently and transparently across the designated routes.

To showcase our timely response, we encourage the public to visit our various social media channels featuring satisfied customers who availed themselves of the PTRIP benefits. These testimonials serve as tangible evidence of GIGM’s dedication to providing the promised relief to our passengers.

Furthermore, we want to emphasize that GIGM has a history of supporting the government in various relief efforts. In 2020, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, GIGM played a pivotal role by providing buses from our fleet to aid in the transportation of relief materials, demonstrating our dedication to social responsibility.

GIGM remains committed to upholding the highest standards of transparency, accountability, and service excellence. We understand the importance of accurate information and the potential impact misinformation can have on public perception. As such, we urge media outlets and social media users to verify information before disseminating it to ensure that the public is well-informed.

We appreciate the support of our loyal customers, the public, and the government. And we remain dedicated to providing safe, reliable, and affordable transportation services.

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