5 Things You Should Know Before Visiting A New Place

The year has gone into full swing, giving us all another opportunity to tick items off our bucket list! We suppose that you may have included quite a few places that you would like to visit this year. So, here are 5 things you should know before visiting a new place.


There are very few things more distressing than being in an unfamiliar environment and having no idea how to communicate with the people around you, especially the locals. You may miss out on great deals for really nice souvenirs, be cheated into exorbitant sums for the smallest services or even get defrauded by someone posing to offer help.

While planning for the trip, do some research to understand the level of language barriers that may arise and alternative options for communicating that will be easily understood by most people.

Flashcards with illustrations, basic sign language and generic photos of things you might frequently request can prove useful in these situations.

You could also learn basic conversations in the language, such as asking for direction to major landmarks around the area, locating the restroom, making purchases, bargaining, ordering food, etcetera.


Getting food poisoning on a trip forms some of the worst travel experiences, even when visiting the best of cities. Take out time to find out the kind of meals that are served at local restaurants so that you can determine which to patronize; perhaps, consider packing a bag full of snacks to sustain you till you are able to settle on a meal.


Some parts of the country have strict restrictions regulating what individuals of certain genders can wear. These may be based on culture or religion. Find out if any such rules exist in the areas that you are exploring, in order to guide your decision on the type of outfit to pack.

Also, depending on the climate, certain kinds of outfits may not offer adequate protection from harsh weather. Ensure to note the weather conditions and make appropriate adjustments.

The Social Culture

Simple things such as greeting patterns, table etiquette, and so on form part of the identity of a people, basically, their culture. Individuals could easily be offended when such social graces are not observed whereby their reactions to such perceived offence could be sporadic and extreme.

Before you embark on your journey, note how the people in the areas you plan to visit prefer to interact, taking extra care to properly understand such norms.

Restricted areas

Certain sections of an area may be cordoned or deemed off limits to strangers. Some ceremonial grounds may only be visited on special or specific days, while gatherings in distinct places may only be attended by a particular gender.

To prevent getting onto the wrong side of the law in a strange place, it is important to investigate and be sure that you are aware of the areas you plan to visit on your trip and can identify any restricted portions.

Travelling to a new place is a fun experience that can potentially create the best of memories. Remember to always complete your due diligence on the areas you plan to visit, so that you are able to fully immerse yourself into the sights and sounds of the city without any worry.

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