Be On The Road To Your Dreams With GIGM

GIGM buses are big moving boxes of emotions, aspirations, and dreams. GIGM helps move all of these around because we cannot let dreams get stuck. 

You won’t miss grey-haired Iye seated on the third row of the GIGM bus traveling from Lagos to Abuja. Her daughter has just given birth to a baby girl after two years of waiting. The wrinkles on Iye’s face fade away when she smiles as she announces “Sophia don born o! She born baby girl.”

Iye has spoken to several relatives over the phone since she joined the bus at the pickup location, sharing news of the arrival of her granddaughter whom she will name “Imariabe.” Iye cannot wait to reach her destination and hold the newborn in her hands. Iye dreams of when the child will start to talk and call her ‘Iyenokwa’- grandmother.

Then Wale who is returning to school for the second semester of his final year in the university. Wale has missed the weekend rounds of PS4 and oddly, the study vigils with his classmates as they shoot for excellent grades that will cement the foundation of a great career ahead. Wale is studying Architecture and dreams of designing environment-friendly buildings that will shoot him to renown.

There’s Adaugo who will get married next week, to Jubril the love of her life. She’s arriving in Owerri from Lagos and cannot wait to be with her sisters to kickstart all of her last-leg wedding plans- her skincare routine, trying out all of her clothes and getting emotionally prepared for the big day. She’s excited and she’s nervous, almost unable to contain the butterflies in her stomach.

Ultimately GIGM transports Adaugo to her happily ever after, Wale to finish school and kickstart his dreams, and Iye to be a part of her granddaughter’s new life.

At GIGM, our goal is simply to help people fulfill their aspirations and reach their dreams, big or small, by moving them to their destination. GIGM is reliable, safe, and comfortable; giving the best travel experience because that’s what everyone deserves on the road to their dreams.

Don’t be left behind, book your next trip with GIGM. Extra discounts if you use the app.

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