5 Tips To Help You Plan A Road Trip On A Budget

Backpacking through cities by road is quite a thrilling adventure.  In order to help you achieve a worthwhile experience, we have put together 5 tips to plan a road trip on a budget.

Plan ahead

Planning in advance gives you a clear picture of your trip. That way, you are able to outline all the aspects that matter. It becomes easier to notice opportunities that fit your needs. For instance, if your plan requires you to cut accommodation costs, your mind becomes fixed on seeking deals that are within your budget range. This is applicable to other aspects of your trip.

As you plan, look out for things like the safest routes to your destination, opportunities for freebies, discount offers on accommodation, actual travel, and feeding, the cost for entertainment, entry fees to tourist sites, cost of meals, purchase of souvenirs, etc.

Consider splitting cost

Two heads are better than one, especially in cases like this. You could pool funds together with a group of trusted friends who want the same adventure as you do. That way, the burden of cost on general expenses is less and you also get to share beautiful memories with members of your cherished circle.

Put safety first

It is quite unadvisable to place cost reduction over safety, especially in travel. For a decent bargain, consider using reliable transport service providers to ensure that you travel in comfort and safety. GIGM offers up to twenty (20%) percent discount on regular tickets. You could look out for offers such as these when preparing to travel.


While we agree that sometimes we can’t have it all, we should still be able to access the things that matter. In this case, outline the items that you consider you must-haves or must-dos on the trip. Then, include alternatives and open your mind to the possibility of tradeoffs.

Stick to the plan

On our quest for adventure, it is easy to go overboard and indulge beyond the initial plan. As much as possible, do not fall prey to this nudge. You do not want to get home after your trip and stare at your account balance in heartbreaking shock.

With all these in mind, go ahead and have fun! Enjoy the sunshine & sights and gladly relive the highlights of your experience.

Got more tips, please share with us.

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