Let’s travel: You’ll Love These Destinations In Nigeria and Ghana

As we dream to experience the Santorini of this world, we often forget that there are great places remaining to be explored at home in Ghana and Nigeria. Many beautiful sights to take in, spots to grab awesome selfies, and memories on the road that we can keep for years to come.

So, while you save up for that fancy vacation in Paris, Vienna, Seychelles, and Santorini – why not tour Nigeria and Ghana a bit more first? Don’t worry, GIGM will move you by road safely and comfortably, whether from Nigeria to Ghana, Ghana to Nigeria or within either country. You can also opt to exclusively hire one of our buses for you and your folks to take a road trip.

So, let’s show you beautiful Nigerian and Ghanaian destinations and why people love them.


Jabi Lake, Abuja

Teemages / CC BY-SA

Amidst acres of undulating plains and hilly outcrops, a freshwater pond was converted to a lake that’s one of the most attractive spots in Nigeria’s young capital, Abuja.

People tend to describe Jabi Lake as the closest thing you will get to the beach and lagoons of Lagos. It also offers boat and horse rides and has the Jabi Lake Mall close by for shoppers. 

Groups of people can also picnic at the gardens around.

Museum of Nigeria for Traditional Architecture, Jos

Jiří Komárek / CC BY-SA

Nigerian architecture is as interesting as it is diverse. The Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture gives you the opportunity to experience some of it, with life-sized replicas of Nigerian buildings and architecture including the ancient walls of Kano. 

It’s just opposite the National Museum in Jos, giving the opportunity to complete the museum experience.

Osun-Osogbo Grove, Osun

Oloyede Juwonlo/CC BY-SA

Paved roads lead into a forest where sculpted figures line the roadside into a grove of ancient kapok, abachi and black afara trees. Dry leaves that crackle beneath the feet lay on the path to this serene environment that has been inscribed as UNESCO world heritage site since 2005. 

It is perhaps the last of sacred groves that once existed on the outskirts of most Yoruba settlements. Some people consider the grove a bit spooky but if the wonderful connection to ancient culture and history does not make up for the eerieness, the plenty monkeys and their antics should.

Ibeno Beach, Akwa-Ibom

How about the longest sand beach in West Africa? A sightly coastline of endless white sand where the sound of crashing waves and the feel of loose soil beneath your feet lifts your spirit. 

Ibeno is a 30 kilometre stretch of sandy beach along the Atlantic Ocean, located in Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria and named after the Ibeno Local government area where it is located. One local guide on Google says it is “a legit edge of the world.” While most agree that it is a wonderful place to cool off, there are a few complaints about maintenance and refuse that litter the beach.

Oke-Idanre, Ondo

Ayobami Macaulay/CC BY-SA 4.0

Would you like to look down at the rest of the world in one breathtaking view?

This is how it feels to be at the summit of Oke-Idanre in Idanre town, Ondo State. Visitors’ review mentions a very friendly and useful tour guide. Many also seem to have conquered their fear of heights at this hill with over 600 steps leading to its peak.  

Lekki Conservation Centre, Lagos

Omotayo Tajudeen/Unsplash

In Lagos, the Lekki Conservation Centre run by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation has a large expanse of wetlands for wildlife viewing. There are also canopy walkways, the longest you can find around that allows you to see monkeys, crocodiles and birds. There are also games and hangout spots for picnics and stuff.

The highlight of this place is probably the canopy walk that people can’t stop talking about. If you’ll like to see more of the animals, you should try an early morning visit.


Paga Crocodile Pond, Upper East Region

Dieu-Donné Gameli/CC BY-SA

If you fancy sitting on a crocodile or taking pictures while holding its tail without getting a limb ripped off, then you should visit the pond in the Upper East Region of Ghana. You will also be doing some good as the pond relies on tourism to feed and take care of the friendly crocodiles.

Depending on who you ask, there are different stories behind why these crocodiles are friendly, mostly involving a man’s life saved in exchange for a promise that crocodiles and humans remain friendly.

Labadi Beach, Accra


The most popular beach in Ghana, Labadi Beach, properly called the La Pleasure Beach is a stretch of sand beach at Labadi, a suburb of Accra. It is known for its spacious shoreline and coconut trees with a lot of activities for visitors including abundant street food, plenty of local bars, live bands and night parties.

Being the most popular it is usually packed with people so if you like crowded spots and opportunities to make new friends, Labadi Beach is the location. 

Kakum National Park, Southern Ghana


Your heart is thudding in excitement and maybe some fear, birds chirping, the wind in your face, and a swaying walkway under your feet. Like the Lekki Conservation Centre in Lagos Nigeria, the canopy walkways here are the highlight of most visitors’ stay at the park. With plenty of species of plants and animals, Kakum is ideal for camping, bird watching, and several other exciting activities for fun-seekers.

So, if you are in love with the outdoors and the wild, you should visit this national park.

Now that we have shown you these places in Ghana and Nigeria, how about you start planning your road trip? Don’t forget to book your bus seats with GIGM to get comfortable, safe, and reliable rides. If you are going with a group, you should use our option for hiring a bus.

We also have a pickup service to save you the stress of coming all the way to our terminal. So, when are you starting this adventure?

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